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Report in Person

Please note: The below policies and information on reporting in person are provided by UCB. If you need additional support during this time, please see our support pages.

The UCB Training Center encourages reporting misconduct to HR Administrators, Academic Directors or Managing Directors immediately so that the UCB Training Center can properly address the allegations and take appropriate steps to prevent the conduct from escalating and/or to eliminate the harassing conduct.

All managers are obligated to act on any report of alleged misconduct.

Incidents of misconduct should be reported to:

Alyssa Cohen
Director of Human Resources
Upright Citizens Brigade
5419 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
323-285-3805 Ext. 5055
[email protected]

UCB requests that complainants reports provide as much specific detail as possible. It is expected that the specific charges, details of the incident or incidents, names of the individuals involved, the names of any witnesses and any other evidence in support thereof are important.

In any case where there is a reasonable suspicion that criminal actions may have occurred or are occurring, in addition to the reporting process described herein, faculty, staff and employees of the UCB Training Center, including without limitation, Support and Counseling and the Academic Director, may be obligated to report such actions to applicable law enforcement authority and to forward all applicable evidence to such law enforcement authority with respect to such actions.

The Training Center cannot fully investigate anonymous complaints. However, UCB will utilize best efforts to investigate all such claims. UCB encourages students to feel comfortable reporting misconduct.

All complaints are handled in a discreet manner and maintained as confidential as possible during any investigation. UCB Training Center staff and faculty will not publicly discuss in open forums (including public spaces, social media and other forums) a complaint

A complainant may make a request for confidentiality/privacy at any point. This type of request means that the complainant does not want her/his identity known to the respondent and witnesses. UCB Training Center will make all reasonable attempts to comply with a request for privacy or the withdrawal of a report.

UCB Training Center prohibits any form of retaliation against any student, teacher or employee for filing a complaint under this policy or for assisting or participating in an investigation, proceeding or hearing. Anyone who files a complaint or cooperates in an investigation of a complaint under this policy will be protected from any retaliatory action as a result of filing such a complaint or cooperating in an investigation.

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Report to the Police

Whether you are in Los Angeles or in New York, you can always report sexual assault to the local police department. Each state has different definitions for prohibited behavior. You can find definitions in your state on RAINN's website

Reporting to law enforcement may initiate an investigation, arrest, and prosecution of the perpetrator. However, in many cases there is not enough evidence for the case to move forward. This does not mean that the incident did not occur or that is was not wrong or illegal. The nature of these crimes can sometimes make it difficult to hold people accountable through the criminal justice system.

During the investigation process, you may be asked to revisit where it happened, receive a forensic exam, or collect other evidence that may aid the investigation.

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