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The New York Training Center and the Los Angeles Training Center each have policies prohibiting sexual misconduct. 

New York Policy
Los Angeles Policy

The following misconduct policy (the "Misconduct Policy") has been prepared by the Ethics Committee and approved by the Board of Managers of the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center LLC (the "UCB Training Center"). The Misconduct Policy applies to students of to the UCB Training Center, whereas faculty and other staff are governed by the Employee Handbook and performers are governed by the Performers' Code of Conduct.


The UCB Training Center believes in every student's right to learn and practice their craft in an open, non-threatening, creative environment free of misconduct, harassment and discrimination.

No student of the UCB Training Center should ever be made to feel uncomfortable or non-included due to his or her race, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, religious beliefs, nationality, age or disability.

The UCB Training Center also believes in their facility and their craft as a true forum for the open exchange of ideas. All students should be encouraged to express themselves without fear of censorship or judgment.

The UCB Training Center encourages the exploration of content dealing with race, gender, sexuality, etc, to be done in a truly creative, intelligent manner and never in the spirit of hurtfulness, disrespect or mockery.

UCB Training Center is committed to providing an environment that is free of misconduct, discrimination and harassment (which includes stalking, sexual harassment, and sexual assault). The UCB Training Center community is committed to fostering a healthy and safe environment in which every member of the community can realize her or his fullest potential.


Nothing in this policy shall abridge freedom of expression or the UCB Training Center's educational mission.

However, Students and Teachers shouldn't mistake this freedom as an allowance to say or take actions that fall under the following categories of misconduct, harassment, or sexual harassment.

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