Emotional Support

From UCB

Your Training Center has a Director of Counseling who is there to support you and provide you with other resources. 

In New York, the Director of Support and Counseling is Marissa Tunis, Psy.D. and Los Angeles it is Shireen Oberman, L.C.S.W.

Either Marissa or Shireen can connect you with other survivors, support groups, treatment centers, and mental health practitioners.

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Nationally & Globally

Nonconsensual or unwanted sexual contact is never okay, regardless of the state or country in which it occurs. Below are resources to find information and support nationally and internationally.

RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network)
RAINN is the largest US network supporting survivors of sexual assault and abuse, and offers a free, completely anonymous and confidential 24/7 online chat service that you can access from anywhere around the globe. Chat with a trained RAINN support specialist anytime at online.rainn.org. Learn more at the RAINN resources website.   

U.S. Department of State -  Office of Overseas Citizens Services
The State Department can help you contact family or friends, obtain medical care, address emergency needs, understand the local criminal justice process and connect with local and/or US-based resources for victims of crime, including local legal representation. The first step is often connecting with the local US consulate or embassy.

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