Our Approach

Our Mission

Your school-specific site is built and maintained by the nonprofit Callisto and provided to you by your school. We seek to ensure that you have the information and options you need to make the decision that is right for you.

Callisto envisions a world where sexual assault is rare and survivors are supported. Our mission is to create technology that combats sexual assault by empowering survivors to protect their communities. We believe that everyone deserves access to information, resources, and reporting options that put the needs, comfort, and safety of survivors first.

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Commitment to Security

We value the safety, security, and personal ownership of your information. We were in your position once—Callisto is created by survivors, for survivors—and we are unwavering in our commitment to protect your privacy.

We encrypt all information you enter into Callisto. To save a record, you must create a strong passphrase—an extra password used to encrypt your information. Your passphrase will not be stored anywhere in Callisto, and you must re-enter your passphrase every time you want to access your record. No one can access your record without your passphrase, which also means that if you lose your passphrase, you lose access to your record.

To report to your school, you must enter your passphrase again. Your record is then sent, encrypted, to a campus staff member, who has their own private key to decrypt it.

Callisto exists to help you process what happened, access support services, and report the incident and/or perpetrator to your school. We know how challenging and overwhelming this can be, so we ensure that the privacy of your information is not an additional concern when using Callisto.

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